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You need to survive to prepare

Sounds backwards doesn't it? But think about it. Once you have survived a situation your next step should be to prepare for that situation and what comes next and that's what this site is about. We offer you articles, reviews, and links to the knowledge and equipment you need to continue your survival preparation and improve bug out skills.

NOPE, the sky's not falling (yet), Seen any zombies lately? (except on the occasional Friday), Haven't seen ICBM's flying overhead or heard about ET's landing this month, BUT we have all seen acts of terrorism here and abroad, the earthquakes, floods and fires. Black outs, tainted food and water. Gang violence, car jackings, random senseless acts of ruthless insanity. Global warming / cooling. These are the real situations that we, Americans, have to get " a grip on" and survive.What is your survival plan?

Thankfully, only a small handful of us can say we have actually had to survive any of the scenarios mentioned, but the numbers are growing. Let's put a better perspective on it. Ever have a flat tire? Did you have a spare and jack? Was your spare flat? Did you know what to do to get going again? If your answer is yes, congratulations, you survived and AFTERWARDS YOU PREPARED. Better tires, found where your jack was hidden and how to change the tire. Never going to get caught like that again are you?

YOU SURVIVED, TIME TO PREPARE. will provide you with free survival tutorials to improve your bug out odds, training to improve your survival kit to optimize survival by creating survival strategies. You will learn survival tips and equipment descriptions to optimize preparation. We will give you free online bug out tools and free survivalist resources to optimize odds of surviving. Your personal survival, whether experienced wizard or beginner will depend on training, help and tips.

Let's get straight right out of the gate. If you are the type who thinks "everything will be OK" my statement to you is "RARELY will everything be OK". You have to actually have been there, done that, or known someone who has to learn from any survival situation. From their experience and survival tips, you will gain an insight into what you need to prepare for.

Enough preaching already. The reasoning behind this site is to share with you what you might need in a "Worse case scenario". To give you the knowledge to be somewhat better off in a bad situation. This is not a run away to the woods and hide site (although it could be necessary), it's about you, your family, loved ones using skills and knowledge shared by others that have survived and allowing you to prepare.

With that over, enjoy the site, improve your bug out skills,use the free tools and instruction, learn from it and feel free to send in your comments, experiences and stories.

God Bless,
Capt' Rick



  Old Fashioned
  Winter Prep 101
It's going into fall ( my favorite time of the year) and there are a couple common sense items that you should be doing.
* Have your car checked for antifreeze, battery condition, tires, put together a road bag with essential.
* Is your home ready? Check your furnace filter and exhaust pipes, check for limbs over power lines that might break, how are the windows and doors, seal any gaps. Outside water pipes insulated / shut off? Flashlights and batteries?
*Food and water? do you have a couple gallons of water in the pantry. How about canned and dry foods in case of a locked in situation.



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